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Christmas Lights with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

By January 4, 2014Short Films

I have been wanting to make a video with Christmas lights for a few years now, so I’m happy that I actually made it a priority this year. I drove all over Jacksonville, Florida over the course of about 5 nights and it was difficult to find spots that jumped out at me. The very first spot that I went to ended up being the best, so I actually went back there to shoot again. The entire video was shot on a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera in ProRes with an Olympus 75mm 1.8 and a Kern Switar 10mm 1.6. Some of my favorite shots are the tracking shots through the trees with the lights overhead. For these shots my girlfriend was nice enough to let me set the tripod on the hood of her SUV while she very slowly drove down the streets. I walked along side the SUV with one hand on the tripod. Other Christmas light seekers looked on like we were crazy. Several people said “look, he has a GoPro!” I still have yet to shoot raw on this camera, but once I upgrade my computer and my editing software I will definitely be trying my hand at raw. I hope you all like the video and Merry Christmas!